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February 17, 2018
Communication Survey

In an attempt to determine the best communication method for our Refinery the CAT Team has developed the following survey.  Please, complete to the best of your ability and be as honest as possible.  We will use the results to improve our communication skills and set up a network so that we have as complete a communication program as possible.

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:

Operations   Unit # and Crew

Maintenance   Break Area

Lab   Shift/Crew

Fire Dept   Shift/Crew

Store House

Cell Phone #: Include only if you want to receive text messages
Overall, how satisfied are you with communications from your Union?

Very Satisfied




Very Dissatisfied

Which best describes your impression of communications within the Union?

Keeps us fully informed

Keeps us fairly well informed

Keeps us adequately informed

Gives us only a limited amount of information

Doesn't tell us much at all about what is going on

How do you feel about the information that you receive?

I can always believe it

I can usually believe it

I can believe anout half of the time

I usually can't believe it

I can never believe it

How well do you feel you know the Union?

I know the Union very well

I know a fair amount about the Union

I know just a little bit about the Union

I know almost nothing about the Union

Knowing about the Union is not important to me

Compared with a year ago, how would you rate your knowledge of the Union, it's strategies, and it's ongoing accomplishments?

Much more knowledgable

Somewhat more knowledgable

Same level of knowledge

Somewhat less knowledgable

Much less knowledgable

What is the best thing about communications in the Union?

300 character limit

For which items, do you believe it is very important that you receive communications about?

The Union's strategy for the future

The Union's capabilities

The benefits of Union membership

Technology developments

Issues and trends affecting our business

Key Union issues

Union success stories

Government affairs affecting the Union

Community involvement

What other topics do you feel are important for you to know more about and would like the Union to include in future communications?

300 character limit

How much of a typical Union Newsletter do you read?

I generally read all of it

Read most of it

Read some of it

Only skim through it

Don't read it at all

What is your overall evaluation of the Union Newsletter?


Very good




From which of the following sources do you receive most of your information about what is going on in the Union?

Choose 3

The grapevine

The Union bulletin board

My supervisor

Union leadership

Group meetings at the Union Hall

Local Union publications

Union e-mail

Union website

International Union publications

Shop Steward

Text messaging

From which of the following sources would you prefer to receive most of your information about what is going on in the Union?

The grapevine

Union bulletin board

My supervisor

My Shop Steward

Union leadership

Group meetings at our Union Hall

Local Union publications

Local Union website

Union e-mail

Text messaging

Social network websites

How would you rate your Union's communications skills?


Very good




Do you visit the Union's website for information?



Are you signed on as a member of the Union's website?



Do you have any suggestions for the Union to help improve performance and efficiency?

300 character limit

Would you like to represent your Unit/Area on the CAT Team?



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